The Must Check List after Writing an Answer

When writing an answer, there are set rules and formats to follow. To produce a great piece of writing, you have to follow them.  Check the Hamburger style of writing here. The answer should have an eye catching beginning and a dazzling end. Hope you have an understanding about writing an answer in the exam. Or you can read: How to write a better answer in the exam here. Let’s write the answer and go through following checklist and make sure you have accomplished them most to produce a better answer in the exam. 

In the Introduction

This is the place where you introduce what you are going to write in the answer. So, make sure you have set the context correctly. You must check whether you have addressed the key terms of the question and clearly defined your argument or the point of view. Most importantly, check for the used language to get the examiner’s attention. 

In the Paragraphs

Paragraphs support your point of view. Follow the format of a paragraph to write a great supporting paragraph. Then, check that you have written a topic sentence at or near the start of each paragraph and developed the points. Check whether you have given enough supporting evidences to prove your point. Finally, check the links to the other paragraphs with appropriate connectives.

In the Conclusion

This is the place where you re state your argument. Make sure you end up strong. Check whether you have summed up all the main points and most importantly referred them to the original argument or point of view. This is not the place for new ideas. If you have introduced new ideas, better cut them off. 


As a whole, you should scan through the answer to check whether you have got following things in proper way. Check that you have answered the question. (Some write the things they know but the question is about something else.) See that you have presented a sustained argument and made your position clear. Examine whether your connectives are logical. Most importantly, check that you have given your point of view with supporting evidences. Overall, check that you have covered everything as far as you have outlined. (Check here to know howto outline your answer using proper annotation methods.)   

Proof Reading

Although, you produced a great answer, you should proof read for punctuation and grammar for it tests your capacity of language. Check your spelling, punctuation marks and clear hand writing. Check whether you have used the correct form of words and see that you have used consistent tenses and verbs. Most importantly look for the correct usage of subject verb agreement. 

Re - Read

Have you checked and corrected the errors that you have found? If you have time, you must re-read your answer. Remember, how expert we are, we make mistakes in the exams and by re-reading, you can fix many holes in your vessel.

One last thing, most students produce the background details of writers before answers. If not asked, do not provide the background details which would irritate your examiner and which leads reduction of marks. Hope you have got everything right. If you find this useful, share this article among your friends. Let’s comment your view in the comment section.  

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