Marking Answer Scripts

As an experiment, We try to extend this service first to Sri Lankan students who learn Literature in English for G.C.E. (O/L) exam. Most students as we noticed find it difficult to develop their writing as they find it difficult to evaluate their written answers. (its not your teacher's fault, teachers are burdened with works, I know it personally)  If someone intends to check their essay type answers for English, we can help that also.  

What is marking scripts?

Our main focus on Literature as a whole but we mainly provide posts related to G.C.E. examinations in the country. Most students find it difficult to evaluate their level of writing or the mistakes they make. This is a great opportunity for them to get their written answers of past paper questions or model questions related to genres in their syllabus assessed. 

We will be assessing the written answers of students in relation to grammar and content relevance. As well as we provide a mark for the answer you produced. This will surely help you to increase your result in the exam. 

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