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Litspring is an educational blog which mainly focus on literature related posts. It includes about poets, poem analysis, prose, fictions and  discussion on various issues related to literature genres. Although it mainly focus on G.C.E (O/L) and G.C.E. (A/L) syllabi in Sri Lanka, We try our level best to spread our knowledge hand in hand with the world. Literature is a vast area which cannot be covered by a simple blog. Our intention is to become a link of world literature while supporting our community.


This blog is intended to publish the author's experiences in relation to literature as a whole. It is not intended to promote or demote any literary genre. The information in the blog is solely based on the blogger's view point therefore there may be arguments for or against. The author of the blog is not responsible the effects or affects with regard to the reliability of the details. The content is free to use for any legal purpose however, the user must hold the responsibility of his or her usage.

The literary genres and images are the properties of the writers and owners therefore, the author of  this blog does not hold the responsibility of improper usage or its results. All the credit should go to the original authors of the genres.

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Most of the images are used in the blog taken from unsplash.com the credit should go to the owners of the photos. The editing is done using the Gimp free photo editor. The credit should go to the software developers of Gimp.

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