Q: What will you mark in the script?

A:           We will check for grammar and the content relevance to the question and will provide an estimate mark according to CLO standard.  

Q: How to register for the marking answer service?

A:           - Visit our Facebook page Litspring and be a member of it by pressing like and follow.

               - Use the button on the top of the page to connect directly through WhatsApp.

               - Now you can send your answer script to be marked.

Q: What services should I have with me?

A:           You should have WhatsApp application for mobile or desktop and for payments you can use eZ Cash service.

Q: How to send an answer script?

A:           You can send a soft copy of your answer as an image or pdf document. Once we confirmed to mark the answer script, you can do the payment. (not before)

Q: How much will it be charged to mark a script?

A:           We will charge 100LKR for a script of =>500 words. 50LKR will be charged for additional 250 words.

Q: How long will it take to mark a script?

A:         It will normally take less than 24hrs. We process the scripts at night and maximum 10 scripts will be accepted for a day for now.

Q: Can I have a refund if not satisfied?

A:           We will try our best to give you a maximum service, however if you are not satisfied with our work, you can have a refund without any fuss.

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