Litspring Community


What is Litspring Community?

Litspring Community is a platform to share your knowledge worldwide through our fast growing litspring community. This website is a free source center for literature learners to find analysis on various literature genres. Now you can send your valuable articles related to literature to be posted under your name. By doing so, you will be a partner of this charitable act and most importantly become a partner of enriching the world with knowledge of literature. 


How to Join?

It is easy. Just send your hand written or processed documents as .pdf or .docx format to to be evaluated. If your document reach our eligible standards, we will publish it as a post in the website under your name. 

You can share the past papers for the benefit of the others. Kindly send the pdf versions of the A/L, O/L, Grade 10 and Grade 9 past papers or term test papers to our e-mail above. We will store them in the download section and anybody who requires a test paper can download them.  

If you have literature related presentations, worksheets or education guides you can share among the literature community. Kindly send them to our community e-mail and we will store them for you.


What do you get in return?

You will get the opportunity to reach a wider range of community here and share your knowledge. By doing so you can develop your writing skill as well as a community platform. If you are going to start a new blog, you can use this platform to reach your new audience. We will provide you the opportunity to insert your back-link here. Most importantly you become a good human who share your valuable knowledge to develop the field of literature.


What are the Eligible Standards?

Your document should be related to English literature. It can be an analysis on a poem, short story or a novel. The written piece should be at least 1000 words minimum. And most importantly, it should be your original piece of writing. Plagiarism is strictly consider as a reason for rejection of your post. Genuine articles benefit both the reader and writer both.   

Let's join Litspring Community and let's share the love and knowledge to the world!


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