Top 05 Methods to Make Annotations

01. Power of Reading

Before everything, reading the poem aloud is compulsory. It would be helpful to understand the poem and have a sense of its rhythm. If there are difficult words that cannot be understood, mark it and find the meaning. You have to have an understanding about each and every word as the poet has used them with a reason. If you are not sure about the meaning of a line you can keep it underlined for later guessing.

02. Complete the checklist

Importance of the title
Who is the speaker?
What is the significance?
Main theme
Sub themes
What is the attitude of the poet?

03. Unwrapping the structure

On the left side of the poem draw a ladder like chart and write.

Rhyme Scheme (comment – regular or irregular) 
 Internal rhyme
(stanzas, length of lines + comments)

04. Highlight techniques

Use a highlighter and highlight techniques found. (ex: metaphor, simile, personification) Write the name of the technique and highlight it using the same highlighter. You may use different colours for different techniques.

05. Writing analysis

Start from the edge of the page and write your thoughts about the lines and draw boxes or circles around them. Using arrows connect them to the lines. If the analysis about a technique, you can use the same highlight colour.  

Making annotations is the first step to write an answer to an exam question or writing an analysis about a poem. After making annotations, you can start organizing your answer.

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