Importance of Using Connectives

Connectives are the cohesive devices which creates connections within the written answer. When you write an answer whether literary, college or school, connectives help you to fabricate your answer like a linked chain. It helps to the examiner or a reader to read and understand your answer better. There are different connectives with their functional values. For example: You can use certain connectives to contrast between two points you discussed in your two paragraphs. The list of connectives is available for you to download below.  

Functions of Connectives

Comparing - Showing Similarities

To extend the idea put forward in the previous paragraph, you can start your following paragraph with a connective showing the relationship between your ideas brought.

ex: Compared with the idea that Nicholas is tactful to devise a plan to cheat his aunt, he uses his aunt's her own words to punish her when he gets the opportunity.

Contrasting - Showing differences

When you require to put an opposite idea to the point you discussed in the previous paragraph or idea, you  can use a connective to show the difference between the points discussed. 

ex: However, the behavior of Sonali Deraniyagala is contradictory as she forgets her own parents though she had the opportunity to save them.  


When writing an answer, it is always good to write according to an order. It may be according to the importance or time or else in a chronological order. You can use connectives to show what comes first, next and at the end. In this way the answer flows as a flow. 

ex: first, mean while, eventually, finally...etc.

Building an argument

When answering to an argumentative question you can utilize connectives to build up the argument, develop it adding more arguments and finally bringing out your stand point.

ex: As a result of social pressure thrust upon, Smirnov has become a coarse personality. Even so, he tries to confront Popova as decent as he can.  


Generally most of the students use connectives to sum up their answers. It binds all the points discussed in previous paragraphs and helps to put a full stop to the answer in a decent manner. 

ex: In consideration of the points, it is clear that power itself affect negatively to the bearer. As outlined above, the eagle has to live a solitary life as it possesses that ill-burdened power within.  

You can download the list of connectives using the above link. Comment below to share your experiences of using connectives when developing an answer.

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