Write an Impact Paragraph with Hamburger Style

Well, I am not going to teach you anything about Hamburgers which you all know and tasted for sure. What the most interesting thing about Hamburgers is the beauty of it. It appeals to the eye and asks to be tasted. 

What really is Hamburger writing? Most students fail to produce a well structured answer for their literary answers at exams. This simple structure will probably be helpful for you to form a paragraph or an answer to score higher marks. 

A well structured answer should be consisted of layers which are called paragraphs. You must have seen that the Hamburger consists of layers which adds beauty and taste to that. Similarly, your answer should have two covering pieces and beautiful layers.

Opening Paragraph or Sentence

This is the top part of the Hamburger. As you have seen, the top part of it is garnished to add beauty to that. Similarly your point that you are going to present should be introduced using in an eye catching manner. You can add a proverb related to the question, bring some interesting background details or you can bring cross-reference to a genre related to your question. You have to clearly show what your answer is going to be in the very beginning. 

Supporting Paragraphs or Sentences  

You have to add variety of points to prove your point that you have introduced in the first paragraph or the sentence. You can bring logical arguments to prove your stand to the answer. What ever you bring forward, you have to provide evidences from the text/s you are referring to; and you have to explain how that quote support your argument. 

ex: The actions of the eagle resembles the actions of a corrupted ruler who clings on to power: Its  clasping  '...the crag with crooked hands' suggests the intense grip of power with wicked actions; naturally hands represents actions.

In the example you can see the introducing of the supporting point and the quote support and the explanation of the quote. 

Summing up/Ending

There is a saying that you should start and end strongly. Ending is the place where you finally stress your stand. You should clearly state what your stand is. Like the ending piece of the Hamburger, it is not necessary to add decoration to this point. It should be direct and clear ending. You can state that according to the points that I have proven, this is the stand of mine. 

ex: If you your question is about Eagle is like a Monarch in the poem The Eagle by Alfred Lord Tennyson, you can state that it is clearly visible according to the points proven that It resembles a monarch. 

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