Can you earn money by blogging in Sri Lanka?

Blogging is a way of expressing yourself. If you are good at writing, if you have a passion to write about something which is unique, blogging can be one of the best hobbies. It can give you a financial support to your life too. The question is, can you earn money by blogging in Sri Lanka? The answer is yes. Proof? The proof is me, a blogger myself. I have started earning money with AdSense using simple platform like Blogger. Though this is out of the niche of this blog #Litspring, I write this for my blog readers who like this area and many questioned about blogging and its applicability to an Asian country like Sri Lanka. I hope to share my experiences of blogging with a brand new blog, please do share your view about it in the comment section.

What you need to do to be a blogger?

Most importantly, write something whenever you have a free time. Now with the advanced technology, you do not need to type everything as I do. With your smartphone you can voice type everything simple and easy. Select a subject which is called a niche, and keep on expressing yourself until you grow an audience around you. If you have a social media fan base, you can simply share what you write among them. You need a blogging platform to post what you write. You can start with a free platform like Blogger, as I did and I’m still with bloggers platform to post my writings. I thought of sharing my experiences with you to persuade blogging in Sri Lanka.

So to start a blog you need: 

  • A niche (a theme or something you are interested in to write blogposts. Ex: fashion, cooking, travelling, tech gadgets, sports, teaching mathematics…etc)
  • A blogging platform. (you can start with a free platform; blogger is what I started.)
  • A computer and an internet connection.
  • An interest and intention to share something valuable.

How to start?

Keep on scribbling about your topic and put them into a text using word processor like MS word or any word processor. Sign in to yours google account and start your blogger page in few simple steps. (We will be discussing about these in future posts.) Hit on the new post button and copy paste your writings into the editor interface in Blogger. Hit the publish button and vola! you have published your first post online. Now you can share it using any social media platform to send your new post to your target audience.  

What is the importance of blogging?

Blogging is a way of expressing your ideas and sharing with it others, it is just like writing a book or an article to a newspaper. It can be a very useful hobby in the long run. If you are good at content writing, this will be ideal for you.  I started blogging to share my experience with others. As a teacher I started a blog to teach my students literature. Now, it is up and running well, so I hoped to share my blogging experience with my audience to motivate them to start blogging. You can be a resource person to the world and when you have a good audience, you can earn some money through your blog too.

Can Sri Lankan do blogging and earn money with AdSense?

Yes, you can. Only thing you have to do is write quality posts in English language. Provide good, genuine content and attract a good audience, it is not a big deal to be qualified to AdSense. First thing is you should follow their community standards and provide good contents. Your blog should be up and running for at least six months and you should have some posts to apply for it. (I applied when I had 50 posts.) First thing first, start a blog and keep it running until you are ready to apply, keep building up your audience until then.

Are there any other ways to monetize the blog?

Yes, there are number of ways. The only thing you have to do is building a good blog and have a quality audience around you. Remember, do not think about the money and earning first. If you do so, you might lose your way. Simply start the blog, keep it running and learn while you are blogging. The main thing is to keep doing the good work until you reach time for harvesting.

It’s time to act

If you are all set, now it is time to react. Start your blog today and start sharing your valuable knowledge with the world. Remember, the internet has become a source of knowledge just because of content writers like bloggers. Now that YouTube plays a bigger part, still blogging is preferred by many to locate information.

When you start blogging please share your experience with us. The future posts on this subject will be in my #Blogginglanka blog. I hope to share the experience I gather from blogging and share it with you. Together as a team, we can develop the content writing in Sri Lanka. If you are not a Sri Lankan, do not worry, the content and posts are of universal applicability therefore, future posts will not be targeted only to Sri Lanka.

Please share your valuable experience with us to make this effort a success. If you have any issues, please comment in the comment section of our #blogginglanka blog. Share the post if you find it useful to others.





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