Top 05 Sites for Literature on the Web


The internet is a wonderful source of knowledge for students and teachers of literature subject. However, it is advisable to read from reliable sources, otherwise it will be hard to get the meaning of genres correct. Here are five sources you can surf with confidence. All provide the knowledge for free but if you want further services, they have paid services too.  However, there cannot be ‘the best’ type of analysis anywhere but in your creative brain; these sites can only guide you and expand your scope. 



Gradeserver is one of the best place to surf the knowledge of literature. They provide complete study guides for novels and provide model essays for questions. They further provide Q&A services and essay editing services. Most of their essays and analysis are free and unlimited. If you want, you have paid services to cater your extensive requirements. 

Most attractive thing is their platform: it is reader friendly, stuffed with less ads and most importantly, it is not compulsory to login to have their services. (Sometimes it is annoying asking for the e-mail to subscribe the site; however they provide membership login facility too)



Great platform for both teachers and students. Shmoop provides the facts in an interesting manner which make it easy to read and retain. The animated videos which they provide are intrinsically motivating learners. 

They provide test helps, complete study guides and teacher guides and online courses. Further, They provide full and explicit and sectioned answers for literary pieces. They too do not insist the viewer to log in for reading their answers. However, their interface is a bit irritating because of ads. 



Spark notes is famous among scholers and specialised for literature. Their interface is dazzlingly user friendly and the design is very clean and easy to read. They provide complete articles, divided into sections which enable the reader to navigate easily. They provide their bulk of notes for free. Therefore, this is a wonderful place for any level of learner to expand the knowledge of literature.   


Poemanalysis is all about poems. They provide analysis of many poems. The interface is very much user friendly and easy to navigate. Here you can get free and complete analysis of poems. They have another wonderful service that is, you can get any poem analysed by their expert team for free.



Whether you are a student or a teacher, enotes provides unlimited access to literature and it is one of the most used sites for literature by experts too. Its interface is clean, sleek and very user friendly and totally ad-free. However, you have to get the membership to read complete articles. They provide value to your cost without any doubt. 

Before you leave, a small piece of advice, these sites are for you to expand your knowledge of literature. It’s better to have your own view point about the genre of literature you work on. Therefore, reproducing thigs in the articles is not recommended at all. 

There are many sources you can get the knowledge of literature. Let the readers know more about your experiences with them. Please do share them in the comment section. 

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