What is literature

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Literature refers to the practice and profession on writing. It comes from human interest in telling a story, in arranging words in artistic forms, in describing in words some aspects of human experiences. In other words, it is a way of recording human experiences into literary forms like poems, stories, dramas or biographies. (especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit.)

Views on literature.

Literature is a performance in words

 – Robert Frost

Literature, as an art, is surely to arouse “the excitement of emotion for the purpose of immediate pleasure, through the medium of beauty”

– Coleridge

“verbal artfulness” – proper choice and good arrangement of all linguistic components (phonological, morphological, syntactical, semantic and pragmatic).

– Tung (2007)

It is not only mirror of society. Literature is a soft and sweet feeling which makes a person good human being. If force you to think of every little thing. It changes the thinking of human beings. It teaches humanity and I am proud of myself that I am a literature student

– Sushmitha Sharma

Literature builds upon experiences and transferred into written form using variety of genres.  

-Litspring (2020)

What is Genre in Literature?


It means the type of literature characterized by a specific form, content and style. For example, literature has four main genres: poetry, drama, fiction and non – fiction. Each has its own form to be distinguished from the other. That means genres are sub divisions of literature.  

What are the other types of genres in literature?

Biography - A book about someone’s life, written by someone else.

Autobiography -  A book someone writes about his/her life. 

Allegory - Story in which the events and characters represent particular ideas or teach a moral lesson.

Fables - A short simple story that teaches a moral or religious lesson.

Fairy tales - Imaginary stories with personified characters such as talking animals, objects and supernatural characters intended for children readership.

Folk tales - Based on oral literature transfer thorough generations often carrying a moral message. 

etc, etc -  There are variety of genres based on countries, traditions and creativity. There can be many of them which fall into the same sea of literature. To read the complete list of genres, click here.

Why do we study literature?


We study literature because it is an excellent way to sharpen our close reading skills, enable critical thinking and refine our general sense of art appreciation. 

We study literature because it is profound, beautiful and moving. 

We study literature because it enriches us; for wisdom, for entertainment, for an understanding of diverse human experiences. 

We study literature because it gives us spiritual and psychological insight. 

Overall literature teaches you to be human who empathize others feelings and gives meaning to the life you got; making this world a beautiful place to live in.

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