Glimpse at Gamini Akmeemana's Life

Gamini Akmeemana was born on 1958 May and schooled at Ananda College. He is a Journalist by profession and worked at Wijaya publications.  Gamini Akmeemana abandoned a serious attempt to become an artist in the 1990s because of family concerns and dreams of becoming a fiction writer. He won the Gratiaen award for his first novel in 1996, and subsequently wrote five more while undertaking a self- imposed documentary photography project of the city of Colombo which has changed beyond recognition since. He also drew cartoon stripes and graphic novels for newspapers till 2007. He has been stdying music for the past several years and is currently working on becoming a singerand a song writer. 

His jounalism is penetrated into his writing of stories. In his shortstory, ‘The Drummer’ he reports the true incidents happened in Sri Lanka during 1987 to 1989 using symbolic language. The people lived in that era should easily unwrap the mystery behind the story. 

Though his profession is writing and journalism, he loves to live out of frame. He is a musician,artist, travellar and a photographer who glimpses into the life of people through his creations. He loved travelling on bikes and joined the Ceylon Scooter Club too. He is a living example of never aging passion of dreaming. Although his life and details are somewhat obscure on the web, We hope to see more wonders hidden behind the curtain in the future. 

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