Glimpse at Gabriela Mistral

Gabriela Mistral


Mistral was born in Vicuña, Chile, but was raised in the small Andean village of Montegrande. Her name at birth was Lucila Godoy Alcayaga. Later she adapted her pen name as Gabriela Mistral. She was a poet, diplomat, educationist and a feminist who won the Nobel prize for English Literature in 1946.

Mistral's work is characterized by including gray tones in her literature; sadness and bitterness are recurrent feelings on it. These are evoked in her writings as the reflection of a hard childhood, plagued by deprivation coupled with a lack of affection in her home. However, since her youth as a teacher in a rural school, Gabriela Mistral had a great affection for children that shows throughout her writing. Religion was also reflected in her literature as Catholicism had great influence in her life. Nevertheless, she always reflected a more neutral stance regarding the concept of religion. Thus we can find the religious combined with feelings of love and piety.  

She died of pancreatic cancer in Hempstead Hospital in New York City on 10 January 1957, at the age of 67. She is considered as one of the worthiest representatives of Latin American literature of twentieth century.


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