Teachers, Unsung Heroes in the Material World

Teachers are the human force that shape up a generation. Teaching is not another job; it is a way of living. Students shape up their lives - sometimes without knowing by looking at the role models provided by teachers. Teachers are not just teachers: they are counselors, coaches, parents, friends who work for a small salary. They burn their mental calories which hardly most people can imagine. They work with thirty to forty students who have different personalities and multi levels of understanding. They struggle to discipline them, keep them quiet, battle to keep the students focus while finding a way to teach them in between. One can say it is an easy job but if you are not in teachers’ shoes, you have no right to tell that sentence – no way. 

Society expect teachers to be role models, make students disciplined as well as teach their children well. They want teachers to be perfect and educate their children to have a better future - but how many of them actually think what actually teachers require! They hardly understand the mental toil they undergo during the course of teaching. (You cannot understand the paper work too!) Teachers too are human who have same human features like you and me; they too have family lives, goals and dreams in their lives but do you know that teachers take your children in their mind whole day, week and months? They think and prepare for your child mentally during the morning, evening and at night! Yes, for your child! whom you have given the responsibility to shape up and keep you at ease. Let me ask you one thing, who is in the society take the responsibility of your child to shape up their future?

Now you may argue that it is the job of the teachers to teach the children. Yes, without any doubt. What I wanted to explain here is: don’t teachers deserve some respect? They do a hard job to shape up our children for a meager salary of course, why people expect more from them? If they make a single mistake, society is waiting to jump on them like hounds. Criticizers are keeping their sharp eyes on them to undone their lifetime hard work. Policy makers and people above them are always ready to hammer them at any time! Parents and students think that they are to teach and they get a salary for that! My question is don’t teachers deserve more than this? 

If you or anyone still have doubts about how hard teaching is please try to teach your child - not one hour at least four or six hours for a month or a week perhaps. Go to a classroom mentally, or physically where there are forty students like your child; teach them actually or think that you are teaching them for a week or more! then you will have a little idea not the actual mental experience about teaching. If you can’t do that, you have no right to comment on teachers’ commitment. 

Let us change our attitudes, rather than complaining the teacher and expecting more from them. Try to help your child to increase his or her grade. Help them to revise their lessons at least an hour a day at home. Do not expect everything from the teacher, they have a load of work which you can never imagine. During that course, they still teach your child patiently. If you keep on criticizing them, it will definitely affect the quality of their profession and the professional outcome. That has already happened – do not throw the whole responsibility of that on to teachers. They will be only effective if they are given some respect, that’s all. Don’t you still think that they deserve at least that much?       

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