Gator Experience

Hostgator is a leading hosting industry which provides web hosting facilities for any type of website. This article is not written to describe about its magnitude nor facilities. I have a positive review about its service; so, I took some time to write this article to tell Hostgator that how grateful I am about your service which immensely impressed me. If someone is willing to start a blog or a website, this experience will give you a great idea to select your hosting partner. 

I have two positive experiences to share with you. One is about their great customer care service and the second is about their honesty with regard to the money they charge from us. When I started a blog first, I wanted to start big but to be honest, my knowledge about building a website and about hosting services was nil. Curtsey to YouTube and some informative blog services like, I learnt how to build a Wordpress website. Many bloggers positively suggested about Hostgator and I did not hesitate to select it as my hosting partner. 

Then arose the issues of my lack of knowledge, after building up the web page, I could not see it in the browser. I tried several things without results. Finally, I went to the support centre of Hostgator and started a live chat with one of the customer care agents. Nearly one hour, he assisted me to solve my every problem. He was on the wire patiently replying to my ignorant questions. The best thing is he did not stop until I say, thank you, it is a great relief for me; I have solved my all the issues. I was vastly impressed about their politeness and patience until I solved all my problems. You might think this is not a big deal, but for a newbie blogger like me, it was a great help to continue my blogging career. Thank you Hostgator, it was really a gator experience. 

After about two years, I have completed my project so, I closed down my website but I still had one year of hosting space for I hired the hosting for three years. I thought not to bother about it. Right after three years I saw a notification of PayPal transaction. I had no idea of renewal of the package. I had faith in their customer service and discussed directly about this matter with an agent. She clearly understood my problem and within 24 hours I got my money refunded. Later I got to know that Hostgator has 45 days’ money back guarantee on new packages. I felt humble about their honesty and reliability. For a new customer, it is a great opportunity to try their service. If not satisfied, money back guarantee is certain. I have received the money, so I can assure about that. 

That is my first hand experiences with Hostgator. Therefore, if someone asks about a web hosting service, I would recommend Hostgator without any hesitation. My intention of writing this article is to promote their service as I am grateful about their service. Thank you again Hostgator, when I start my next project, I will definitely select you as my hosting partner. 


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