Ballerina, Junior Drama Script


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A practice session of a Ballet. Soft ballet music; Students performs a demonstration while the teacher and the mentor looking at them. One student makes constant mistakes. The mentor looks severe. 
Mentor: Miss Rachel; as I said before, you are the worst performer in this class. I implore you that you are not going to make it for next month.
Rachel: But… I'm doing my best.
Mentor: Your best is not enough to appease me young miss. I need to select the best to the Show de Paris. What would happen if not. Great dancer Juliana Gómez, oh! The fairy in the world. come to the middle Listen everyone. I do not bare laziness. Practice hard; No… harder and remember. If you are chosen, your future will be written in golden leaves in history. (Pupils make awe)(To Rachel) and for you dear miss muddle; you will be the next suitor… for disqualification! (She shrugs off) and Elizabeth, you are doing great. (Others pat on her)
Teacher: (claps) Do the drills darlings. I will be right back! (Both leave)
(Rachel sits in despair. Others starts drills on polls.)
Rachel:            sings   be swift; be neat ;be strong and stay… focused      
                                    how hard is it to be… a ballerina.
stands up and repeats aloud (others pay attention)
(Others: shaking her-sing you bluff, you're stiff like a stick or… a broomstick and know… whisper you are not going to make it makes a dancing rotation while repeating the chores)
Rachel: (cries 'Stop!' everyone freezes) I'm Mona; I know I am driven by passion of dancing. This stage is not meant for the poor like us. I had to steal a name of my rich mistress. Now I'm Rachel Diyago. If she knows this I will most probably be banished. Poor Lizzy, if she knows anything about this. I wonder what my friend Patricia would tell. Oh! My friend you must be very busy at your place in the Paris Library. 
 to others Stop kidding. (Others turn alive) you will see. As mentor said one at a time; One at a time would be a disqualifier. I am not going to be that one. 
Elizabeth: Huh!  We'll see, let's go folk, it's tea time
(She turns and starts running. She runs directly into a cleaner with a bucket. Both of them fall on the ground)
Rachel: Lizzy… god gracious! What are you doing here?
Lizzy: I should ask you that young miss. Why are you wearing dancing outfits? Aaah! You practice here, don't you; but how come…?
Rachel: Lizzy please, you do know how badly I like to be a dancer. This is what I am born for.
Lizzy: But… how did you enroll. (In a puzzled tone) I have heard that people like us never get chances in this academy.
Rachel: I used my mistresses' surname.
Lizzy: What? Are you insane? Don't you know she is in the director board of this? If revealed, both of us would be in trouble.
Rachel: What to do, I had nothing else to do.
Lizzy: Mona. (Collects the cleaning stuff) I know that I am not your mother but I brought you up. Why are you risking your future like this?
Rachel: Please… please… please Lizzy, don't tell her; and please don't call me by that name. Please Lizzy, This is very important for me. I really mean it. grabbing her hand Don't look so stern. Help me. Please, please tell yes.
Lizzy: Alright, but it's your duty to be careful. You will have to hold the responsibility of your actions.
Rachel: Yes. You highness. (Hugs her) see you in the evening. Don't you worry. Our mistress has never seen me. Besides she never comes to the kitchen. bye bye!
(She again runs into a girl with a stack of books. Both of them fall.)
Rachel: wiping herself Ugh! Second collision for the day. Oh! Patricia, this is you! Are you alright? 
Patricia: Mona, why are you rushing like a hurricane? Oh! My back. (Collects books, Rachel helps) by the way, how was your practice today.
Rachel: No progress. Mentor always finds faults with me! making a face  you student; you are fired! ho ho! 
Patricia: That must be really awful. 
Rachel: Yah, but what to do. Hey, how is your progress. Seems you are doing great!
Patricia: Well, the head still has not spoken to me. I keep on dusting, and delivering. You see? 
Rachel: I know bookworm, you like to bury under a stack of books. I know you will get the job there. Hey, forgot to tell you; Have you heard of Juliana Gómez the great. 
Patricia: No, is he a writer?
Rachel: laughs  No, the world famous ballerina. She is going to hold a show and the best thing is, she is going to choose her dancing partner from our school.
Patricia: Wow, that is great, I know dear, you will be that one and I will be the second hand of the royal library. 
Rachel: Thanks, I know you are my best friend. Ok, see you in the evening. 
Rachel: Bye Mona.
(Next day, the mentor selects the dancers. Rachel does not perform well at all. She makes several muddles-Mentor looks furious)
Mentor: Now the final one. Get down on push up stance. This will test your endurance. Rachel get down clumsily  and get up. come closer to her  and finally, you are out lady. 
Rachel: Sorry sir, you said one at a time. What about her. shows one who could not get up from the final posture. 
Mentor: Very well, but for not so long. Tomorrow will be your final day of dancing. Elizabeth, the best dancer giggles. 
Elizabeth : bye clumsy.
(Her guardian, Lizzy looks at her at a corner while mopping. One of other dancers, Tracy comes to her. Rachel looks crestfallen)
Tracy: Hey, don't worry. Do you know, you have the strength but you look little bit hasty beasty.
Rachel: I don't know. I will never get through tomorrow.
Tracy: Hey, no easy give ups. See, Elizabeth. shows How has she become so good? See, she practices even after practices. (Elizabeth is practicing) Think of it. Bye dear. 
(Lizzy slowly comes to her.)
Lizzy: Hey, Don't look so sad. Do you know? you are strong like a bull but you do not have the control over your power.
Rachel:  sadly  I don't know what to do. Lizzy; am I that bad? (sobs)
Lizzy: of course you are not. You just need a good teacher. May be I can help. 
Rachel: Really, do you know dancing. What a surprise? Shall we practice now?
Lizzy:  Smiles. Not so quick young mistress; first let's see whether you can jump well. 
Rachel: That's great, thanks Mom. (gives a quick hug and runs back Lizzy stunned for a moment and smiles) stretches herself Ok. I am ready. 
Lizzy: (pours some water on the ground) jump from there to this puddle I made but you can't make a splash.
Rachel: What? are you kidding? Lizzy shakes her head I don't think so. How can I…?
Lizzy: No more words. We can start when you make that leap.
Rachel: climbing to a higher place  you can't be that serious. haa..r! O.K. Here I jump! Jumps making a big splash sound and slips down and groans) I told you that is impossible.
Lizzy: try again.
(Tries again and fails. She stamps her feet and tries again.)
Lizzy: throws a feather on the ground   see that! The feather does not splash water. Say it" I am a feather"
Rachel: I am a feather… jumps and falls heavily am I a… feather??
Lizzy: Let you feel as a feather. Land soft and still. Forget what you really are; think you are a feather; feel it; feel that you're a feather light as wind. demonstrates from hand Try again.
Heroic music spreads. She takes a deep breath and jumps again. A perfect landing. Rachel jumps up in glee. Lizzy hold the hand of her Learn the first lesson. Control yourself. Focus your strength to the place where you want.  That is what ballet is all about. Good luck my child.
The next day, selecting session. On the right half of the stage shows Rachel practicing and she runs to the other half to perform. One by one is disqualified but Rachel remains getting better and better. Ballet music- dancing display while the number is reduced to final three. 
Mentor walks towards three of them. They stand in a row. 
Mentor: Today disqualifier is…stands in front of a girl-she says Oh! It's me. Ok. I thought correctly. Good luck Rachel. Elizabeth frowns. Rachel and Tracy dance hand in hand
Elizabeth: Dance as much as you want. I will be one on the stage for grand finale. Sorry for you.
Tracy : Don't you worry. I believe that it is you Rachel. You have a special talent that she doesn't possess. 
Rachel: Thanks…what is it?
Tracy : Well I can't tell you pretty surely but trust me; I feel it. Hey, I wonder… can you come for the dinner today? I told my parents about you. 
Rachel: jumps wow! That's great! but I'm sorry about you.
Tracy: Hey don't worry. It is a surprise for me to come thus far. Forget about it; don't forget.  I'll be waiting for you. See ya.
On the way she runs into her friend Patricia again. 
Rachel: Oh! Pat, I'm sorry I have to go. Runs and on the other corner Hey, tomorrow is the day. I'm in the final set to be selected. 
Patricia: That's great. I'll come to see you in the evening. she is still on the ground
Rachel: What? Ok, bye. Leaves
Patricia: I think it means ok. gets up By the way, I was also able to get the job. Cheers! Patricia that would be great. Let's celebrate Pat. Is she not my friend anymore? Hey, Mona…Mona runs and knock's on the door of Mona's home.
Rachel: What's up Pat. I was getting changed. she is in her best suit.
Patricia: Getting ready for what? Are you going somewhere? What about our day out today. You promised to come with me when I get the job. 
Rachel: Oh! I know but I'm really sorry, I promised to go to Tracy's home today.
Patricia: What about my promise? aside she hasn't even noticed my news!
Rachel: err.. come on Pat, we can go on another day! This really means for me. Tracy is my best friend at the academy.
Patricia: What about me? Am I not your friend or have you got double hearts to share.
Rachel: No, man listen to me.
Patricia: Yes, I understand. You are not my friend anymore!
Rachel: What? Well if you think so. turns back.
Patricia: So be it. Turns and leaves 
Rachel: What? Oh! come on Pat. That's not what I meant. OK, if she thinks so, why should I be second besides I have my friends at school. walks to the other side. How can she speak to me like that? How rude she is! err…! groans and stamps her feet
Enters Lizzy with a lamp in her hand. 
Lizzy: Hey… Mona. Who is that?
Rachel: Lizzy, I have told you several times. I AM RACHEL not Mona. 
Lizzy: Ok, don't get mad. Why are you in this dress? 
Rachel: I'm going for dinner at Tracy's place.
Lizzy: Forget about that, what about practices today?
Enters the mistress of the house from the back stage. She tries to call but stops seeing the company. 
Rachel: Lizzy, I am ready. I know I can do this! she finishes her dressing.
Lizzy: That's the sound of an over confident woman. You should not forget the importance of a final preparation. Suspense sound is increasing.
Rachel: I should go, I promised; please understand!
Lizzy: I forbid you to go! You will stay and get ready for practices.
Rachel: No, I'm going. You are not my mother to command me. Turns and run away.
Lizzy starts sobbing. She cannot believe what Rachel has told her. Mistress enters.
Mistress: Then that is true! Lizzy gasps I have grown a serpent in my very own place. And you! I have never thought you would backbite me!
Lizzy: But..mam What are you talking about?
Mistress: You don't know…. of course you are. Sarcastically. How do you know? You were expelled from the academy courtesy to me and now, you want revenge me by means of that orphan! She will face the same fate as you are. Yes, you will see!
Lizzy: Mam, there is no such thing. The girl has a divine talent.
Mistress: completes and a fraud and I wondered how deceitfully my name is used. Poor beggars like you will never meant to get a chance. What do you think? To be a ballerina? Stop day dreaming.
Enters Rachel to the stage running.
Rachel: Lizzy, please forgive me. I was mad. I muddled everything. I lost my friend and I don't want to lose you. I feel terrible about me after all you had done to me. I felt a bit arrogant and now I feel so petty about my own behavior. I am mean, I hurt you. Please forgive me my mom.
Mistress: That is the nature of you: Deceitful, mean have no gratitude. I know what you have done you devil. Mona get terrified.
Rachel: Please forgive me my mam. I never mean to defame you. I badly wanted to be a ballerina. I could not find any way but this way. Please, forgive me. hugs Lizzy
Lizzy:  I forgive you my child. I always do.
Mistress: But I am not. Young miss, I will hand over you to the place where you belong to. The orphanage. Rachel is thunderstruck – music increases.
Lizzy: Please mam don't do this
Mistress: Oh! My dear mother… ch,ch,ch… you cannot tell me anything as you are not my servant anymore. Go and find another place. Grabs the hand of Rachel dear cheater you will be sent to the orphanage right now. Drags her off the stage under her severe protest. music turns into a sad one.
Final audition. Teacher is waiting to start. The mistress is also there. On the other side of the stage Rachel sits in despair. She looks lost. 
Teacher: She has never been late. I wonder what's wrong. 
Mentor: I know she is good, but if she does not come, I am afraid we have to take a decision. 
Mistress: Rightfully sir, How can we trust anyone without punctuality. 
Teacher: We will wait for another half an hour. Won't we sir.
Mentor: So be it. but only for half an hour. Let fate decide her destiny. everybody freezes

On the other side of the stage: enters Patricia to the stage. Rachel is still in a mood of despair and loss. 
Patricia:  you young miss of pride, Isn't it the day you have been waiting for? Rachel looks at her blankly. Hello! I'm talking to you.
Rachel: Forget about it. I lost my battle. I lost my best friend. I lost whom cared of me. It's all my fault. I should have understood. I dreamt something that I do not deserve.
Patricia: What are you talking about? It was your only dream. You have come thus far. You can't give it up like this.
Rachel: I'm sorry Pat. I was not a good friend to my best friend. How can I be a good dancer? I am even not worthy to be a good friend. sobs
Patricia: Hey, I'm sorry too. I forced you. I was jealous that  I may lose your friendship.
Rachel: You were my best friend. Still I know how bad I'm.
Patricia: Come on Mona. Everyone make muddles. You're the best muddler; you know that. 
Rachel: laughing Mona the muddle. cheerful music spreads.
Patricia: Exactly, then who is Mona?
Rachel: A bull fighter!
Patricia: Never accept defeat!
Rachel: Chase the glory!
Patricia: Loves challenges!
Rachel: Yes, and win. stands up Thank you Pat. I have an audition to face. hugs her friend.
Patricia: Go! I will be right behind you!
Runs to the audition and the other side of the stage shows the end of the audition. Elizabeth jumps in joy. She walks towards that slowly. 
Mistress: You are late miss fraud.. and you dare to come back.. huh! I'm impressed! walks off
Teacher and mentor walks off shaking their heads. Teacher pats on her head and says I tried my best darling. I'm sorry. Rachel falls on her knee in the middle of the stage. Elizabeth walks around her clapping. 
Elizabeth: How sad. I told you; you can't beat me. What? Are you angry? 
Rachel: You know who the best is. Epic battle sound increases. 
Elizabeth: What do you mean?
Rachel : You know what I meant.
Elizabeth: You never can beat me.
Rachel: Let's find it out. Right now right here. 
Elizabeth: You are going to lose for the second time. OK, we'll see. ballet sound starts.
They start walking in a circle as if they are going to fight, stretching themselves. They start showing actions against each other. Everybody gather to see their fight. Elizabeth pushes Rachel and she falls down. She looks at Lizzy. Lizzy says Come on Mona you can do this. She gets up and get ready to make the final leap.
Both of them make the final leap. Elizabeth fails and fall down. Everybody makes a sound of surprise. 
Mentor: A perfect leap. 
Teacher: As I said, she is perfect. 
Mentor: to Rachel I think we have to reverse our decision. We found the best Ballerina to dance with Juliana Gómez. Do not fail me. 
Rachel: No sir, I would not.
Everyone gathers around to greet her. Elizabeth walks away with Mistress angrily. 
Rachel: I'm coming Paris. I'll rock you!

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