The Pied Piper, The Kids' Drama Script

-The pied piper- 

You can watch the staged drama; this may not be that clear as this was captured a long time ago. However you can get the real idea of the script by watching the video.


Increasing sound of threatening music mingling with the chattering and smile of children. The chanting tune of pipe is heard with the music. Characters' of peasant women and men appear to the stage listening to the sound. Suddenly sound of a cave door shutting is heard. The crowd pleads saying " No, please leave our children, please no….!"   The sound of music and tune of pipe fades. Crowd freeze on their places. The narrator enters the stage from the back. He moves to the left corner of the stage.
Narrator: This is not where the story begins. About 500 years ago, there was a city called Hamelin, across the North Sea. This city was governed by a Mayor. Although there were class differences, the people lived happily. Happily till they realize the misfortune that awaits them.
Cheerful music, people demonstrate their day to day works. Mayor who stands on a platform behind watch them and order. Children play around happily.
Lights go down; a squealing sound of rats is heard with a threatening drum beat. Everybody moves right of the stage fearfully, mothers hold their children into their chests. Sound increases and stops at a point; everybody on the stage freezes. The narrator who was on the left corner speaks. 
Narrator: Yes, you are right. That was the sound of rats. The rats which had been in Hamlin were not ordinary rats; they were bigger than cats. They could even fight with dogs. They were used to bite the babies in cradles. They outnumbered the people in the city not by hundred but thousands. They were sneaking in every nook and corner. He looks around and leaves.
A little girl slowly moves to the left of the screen. She opens something. She screams aloud "Rats" Runs back. Everybody screams and runs all over the stage and moves away.(one man runs across demonstrating a rat under his shirt while a women tries to hide and screams seeing rats behind hiding places; some try to climb up higher places.)
A threatening music is increased during the scene; it gradually fades while the crowd leaves the stage, enters the Mayor's family onto the higher platform on the stage. 
Mayor's Wife: Oh! My, my….. See darling those stinky, filthy creatures. Ch, ch, what might happen if they come to our palace. I wouldn't stay even a minute here with rats.
M. Daughter: eech! Mamma I hate rats, are they coming here? They will ruin all of my dolls. Father..!
Mayor: enters to the stage from the left with the guard  Don't be worried dears. They will never enter our domain. We have enough guards to protect the palace. Moves to the middle  Guards! Keep watching!  Gets on to the platform.
Peasants enter to the stage from the right. Everybody speaks at once.
Everybody: Mayor, Mayor, please help us; rats are everywhere; they eat our everything; please do something.
Mayor: Silence, What a disturbing noise, Hm... One may speak at a time. You! Points a peasant woman.
Peasant woman: hastily Sir, mayor; rats... they are big as dogs. Are everywhere. Sir... very bad. Horrible.
Peasant man: true, mayor, sir. They eat everything, fight our dogs, and bite our children in cradles.

2nd Peasant woman: We are going to die not having food mayor, sir. They eating our grain.
Everybody: please do something. Everybody speaks yes, yes do something, our children will be sick, yah, this is very very bad. You have to do something.
Mayor's wife: stamps her feet  Silence! Oh! What a shame, those only rats. Can't Hamelin people even kill a rat? Shame on you.
Peasant woman: but dear Mam, they are very big, are everywhere! We can't kill them.
Everybody: Yes, yes we can't kill them!
Mayor: comes down Silence! Walks to the middle  Look around you! Do you see any rat here?  If we can stop them why can't you do it?
Crowd looks at each other and murmur. The sound of rats is heard again. The guard twists and turn as  if a rat is under his coat; he starts run around crying "Ra….ts!" everybody stares at him mouth wide open. 
May. Daughter: Eeeeek! Screams Mammaaa! See the rats are everywhere!
Mayor's wife: Oh! I feel faint! She collapses daughter tries to hold her but fails. The panic starts again; everybody runs here and there shouting, climbing, hiding. Suddenly a sound of pipe is heard. Everybody moves right to the stage. Mayor's wife comes to consciousness and she gets up. Everybody speaks to each other and looks at the left side of the stage. Children enter to the stage from the right listening to the music. Sound increases.
With the sound of pipe a cheerful music is played. The piper enters to the stage playing the pipe. Children dance around him. Peasants and Mayors' speak to each other using gestures.
Sound slowly goes down, parents grab and call their children.
Mayor: Who are you stranger examining look  I presume you are not from my area. What made you to come here?
Piper: You guessed correctly Mayor, I do not belong here; I came from a land which does not have a name. I saw that your area is in a great calamity. I am here to help you.
Buzzing sound among the crowd "How does he know?" crowd speak to each other using gestures.
Mayor's Wife: Help? We don't want a help from a stranger who doesn't even have a name. We have got no problem here.
Piper: My name is Pied Piper bows everybody calls me Piper. Are you sure madam, you don't have any problem here then?
May. Daughter: grabbing the hand of Mayor's wife Mother, the rats...
Everybody speaks and looks at each other, piper smiles to himself.
Mayor: Silence! Comes down the platform and moves to the right to the stage. Yes, we have a trivial matter but I'm afraid you may have nothing to do about it. 
Piper: moves to the left of the stage Well, the rats…. If you think they are not a big deal. Ok, bowing permit me to go. Leaves.
Everybody starts speaking. "No, don't go, they are everywhere, eating and destroying everything, oh! 
We die starving..." piper stops
Mayor: Well, well, Alright then, we have a deal. Can you chase those filthy creatures? I believe you do not help us for free?
Piper: walks to the left of the stage 1000 pieces of gold.
Mayor's wife: 1000 pieces of gold? Crowd starts buzzing
Mayor: Well, you stranger I mean Mr. Piper should understand that is a big sum of money. I am afraid we cannot agree that.
Mayor's wife: This man must be a fraud. 
Piper: That's it, that's more than enough. I'm leaving. Moves to the back of the stage I think you have a better way of chasing those creatures away.
Crowd starts shouting "No, no mayor, please do something" mayor's wife comes near the mayor and whisper into his ears. 
Mayor: Well considering the gravity of this problem and understanding this is a problem of everybody, I have decided to pay it. Everybody cheers But, I have to double the taxes shootings' "that's not fair" All right stranger, we'll pay you after the problem is solved.
Piper: coming forward No, I need at least half of the money. 
Mayor: So be it, now show what you are capable of. Everybody leaves the stage.  
The piper plays the pipe. Sound of pipe sound is heard around. The sound of rats is heard around. He moves to every corner the sound of rats increases. He moves forward, a sound of water flowing is increased; the sound of rat fades as he demonstrate he leads them to waterway. 
Cheerful music, crowd enters to the stage from the backline. They cheer "he has done it, hip, hip hurrah, long live the piper!" children dance around the piper. Music stops crowd moves away. Enters the mayor from the right side of the stage with the guard. The wife of the mayor enters to the platform behind.  Piper moves to the left of the stage. 
Piper: Mayor, I did my job, Now, I think it is the time to give what I deserve. Mayor is silent. 

Annoyingly Sir, Mayor, I think you owe me 500 gold pieces.
Mayor's wife: Are you insane? It is a huge sum of money; do you think you can take advantage of people like this?
Behind the stage villagers shout "yes, he is an opportunist! He tries to steal our money!"
Piper: But you gave me your word.  He looks astonished 
Mayor: Word! What word? I can't remember any word! Behind "yes, we cannot remember"
Piper: This is not the justice Mayor!
Mayor: Justice, huh, nice word but impractical!
Piper: You are liars!
Mayor's wife: Such impudence, we shall not give you even a penny!
Piper: You will have to pay for this, you people with split tongues!
Mayor: Are you threatening me you piece of rubble? Not me, it is you are going to have the payment! 

Guard! Throw this indecent man out!
Guard: How dare are you to threaten our master? You jerk.
He grabs the piper by his collar and holds it, the music increases, the piper shakes away the guard, and guard falls down. Piper moves to the left side of the stage.
Piper: You indecent people! May you all be cursed! You have committed a serious mistake! You will have to pay for what you have done. Goes behind you will pay for this! Aloud you will pay for this! Music increases and fades.
Villagers slowly enter the stage from every corner. Everybody speaks:
"What might happen now? Is he a wizard, will he punish us?
Mayor: Silence! Do not fear, we are not rats; how can piper harm us? Crowd nods He is bluffing. Hmm, off you go for you works. 
Everybody leaves, enters the narrator. 
Narrator: They were wrong, arrogance, deceitfulness; pride and prejudice always bring misfortune to human beings. What is the hoard they treasure? Are they not worthy than 500 pieces of gold? What worth them find in their lives with empty cradles? What is the greatest punishment for parents to have? May god have mercy on them. Narrator departs with a threatening music.
With a drumbeat the sound of pipe is spread. Children enter the stage listening. Threatening music is increasing. Piper enters to the stage from the front playing the pipe. Children follow him skipping and clapping. He departs the stage from the behind of the stage with children.
Villagers and mayor's family emerges. They shout and cry looking for children. Lights go down; a sound is heard in the background.
Piper: You swollen headed people, you paid no gratitude for the service I have done. I've warned, but you were blindfolded. You will not see your children again! Your vanity brought misfortune to your 
city of Hamelin. The sound of pipe is heard with a door bang.
Crowd cries "no" and freeze, lights go down.


You may use the drama for kids in the classroom or whatever the occasion that is suitable. Please share your experience by commenting. Subscribe to my Youtube channel for more exciting dramas and tutorials. 

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