Maleficient the Junior Drama

One of most favorite kids classic story Maleficent adapted from the movie. All credits should go to the directors of the movie. You may watch the drama in following link and script will follow.

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The Script 

(Three fairies enter the stage with bucketful of flowers. They pretend as they pick flowers. One fairy tread on another fairies and all fall down. They start fighting)
(Suddenly, Moaning sound is heard out of the stage) "No, Edward. You have cheated me. " (Fairies tremble and one fairy mumble "That is Maleficent." All three fairies run away )(Maleficent enters to the stage from the right side of the stage.) 
Maleficent:     (in the middle) No, Edward. How could you do this to me? You have cut off my precious wings. Now how can I fly? This mankind...vicious; I hate them. (Steps on to a higher place) Hear? Edward! I hate you. You will pay for what you have done. (sadly) You will pay for this...! (Freezes on her knees)
(Enters Raven to the stage from the left; swiftly like a bird)
Raven: Sorry to interrupt you! I'm Raven. I'm sorry, I was a Raven; a crow, but my dear queen made me a man. Ah! this story, I must say; this had happened long ago. This is my queen - Maleficent the ferocious. 
(Maleficent gets up she holds a stick in her hand. she knocks the stage with it and stares at the audience (Threatening music) She looks ferocious.)
Maleficent: (comes down and walks to right side)    Raven. Do you hear the sound of Royal pipes? The palace is getting ready for the first birthday of the little royal queen. (sarcastically) You highness... Edward. (angrily) You must taste the anger of my loss. You will know how sad is to be disappointed. (moves towards Raven) Raven be my wings. Let's go.... to the palace.(Points towards audience)  (Freezes)
Raven:             I'm sorry again.  (gets up to the pedestal) I am the right hand of the most powerful wizard of the country. I have heard, a long time ago, she was so mellow and sweet. (comes to her) She was a fairy. She had wings. (shows) The strongest wings that can blow off even an army of hundred soldiers.(pretends) (steps on to the higher place-in a high tone) The king feared of this and sent his son, Edward to kill her.(comes down)  Alas! Edward and this sweet fairy were bound with the knot of love but... but... human mind is always in greed of power. He betrayed her love but he could not make his mind to kill her. Instead, he cut off her wings.(comes to Maleficent)  Result... you see the result. .. Behold the royal birthday... here we come. (both leave)(Sound increases and fades away)

(A cradle is in the middle of the stage, three fairies hover around giggling and fondling the little princess) (Royal pipe sound; enters two guards) (Enters the royal king and queen with the little princess.) 
Everybody: (leave the middle space for king and queen)Hail the royal king and queen. Long live the little princess.
Queen sings:   Oh my little Aurora, my dearest little bud. (touches the princess in the cradle) You are as beautiful as the morning. (king stands besides her smiling)
Everybody:     Yes, she is. She is
Queen:            (takes the princess out of the cradle and holds in her arms) Oh my little queen, you are so sweet, sweeter than any candy in the kingdom.
Everybody:     Yes, she is, she is. (queen places the princess back in the cradle)
Fairy 1:           (comes to the cradle and touches the princess) I bestow you with the beauty of the most beautiful fairy in the fairyland. You will be the prettiest in the seven kingdoms.
Everybody:     Wow!
Fairy 2:           (arms widen) I gift you the tenderness of heart. Your heart will be pure and will hold all the mellowness of a heart of a real lady.
Everybody:     Wow! Long live the little princess.
Fairy 3:           (takes the princes in her hands and kisses her forehead) I shall crown you with the wit and intelligence. You will be wiser than any royal counselor in the kingdom.
King and Queen          : (takes the little princess and places her on the cradle) Thank you dearest fairies for your precious gifts. We are very grateful about them.
(Sound of thunder and fearsome is spread over - Maleficent enters to the stage from the audience with the sound of a scream. Everybody on the stage moves to the either side of the stage in fear. The guards are thrown on the floor; Raven stand behind the stage watching)
Maleficent:     Ho, ho. What a beautiful royal ceremony. Everybody is invited (looks at the king)  but I think somebody has forgotten to invite Maleficent. What an awful coincidence. (walks towards little princess)
Fairies:            No, no Maleficent. We shall not allow you to harm the little princess.
Maleficent      : (waves her hand and fairies are thrown away.) You puny creatures. You! To stop me? Hilarious! (comes to the middle and wriggles her fingers)
I came here to bestow the little queen with a gift of a fairy. (looks at the king ferociously)  I think you will like it. Edward!
Edward:          (shakes head; fearfully) No, please don't do it.
(Maleficent steps towards the baby. Everybody tries to stop her. She waves them off. Threatening music is spread over the stage.) 
Maleficent:     I wish; I wish indeed her to be beautiful like a snow drop on a flower and to be wise like a jackal. You beastess.
Fairies chatter: that is not that bad for a wish; yes, that's true. (everyone nods in agreement)
(Threatening music increases)
(Voice increases gradually) I'm not finished. (to the king) How can I forget what you have done to me? I wish this curse may last till the end of the world. She will grow wisely and beautifully till the age of sixteen. (To Edward)The birthday you met me.. my king; (comes to middle-arms widen) Then she will fall into an eternal sleep with a sting of a needle of a weaving machine unless... (Looks at the king)
Edward:          Please don't do this. I beg you. Please don't do this.
Maleficent:     (sarcastically) Do it.
Edward:          Do what?
Maleficent:     Beg for her life; (stresses) on your knees. (looks away) I might consider it. (Edward hesitates) (Shouts) Do it!  (everyone gasps)
Edward:          ( slowly falls on his one knee) I beg... I beg for her life. (looks down)
Maleficent:     (smiles -goes to the baby) Well, unless she is received a true love kiss. (looks away) If there is something like that, (comes to middle) if not she will live sleeping. You'll get old seeing her like that. (threatening music) That is my curse... that is my wish. Ha... ha... ha... 
(everyone starts chattering, queen faints, guards stand by the king)
(Edward comes toward her) No, no, no. You have cheated me. (guards point spears towards her)
(Stops him with a wave of her stick - guards fall down, king kneels on one knee; everyone tries to hide) Same as you did. Edward. Let's go Ravan.
(Leave quickly music fades away)
Queen: (gets up-walks to the king)Oh! My lord, what a thunderbolt. What should we do now?
King Edward: No! we shall not be defeated to a wretched sorcerer. (comes to middle) I am great king Edward. Listen friendly fairies; you'll be the guardians of my little daughter. Take her away from the palace; to a remote place. Come back after sixteen years(steps to a higher place) on her return, there won't be any sewing machines in the kingdom to harm her. (comes down) Guards, make a meeting, we have preparations to do. (guards take positions)
Queen:            (on her knees) Oh! my lord, don't do that.
King:               That's how the things should be done my queen. Fairies, you heard me!
(King leaves; Queen and others bid farewell to the little princess. Fairies take the little princess and leave the stage)
(Scene changes; fairies play cards in a corner. Maleficent enters from the right with Raven. freeze)
Raven: So, the little queen Aurora grew in a remote wood near fairyland. Her mother died in despair (comes to middle) the king grew angrier; his guards are still looking for sewing machines throughout the country. Meanwhile, (comes to her) my fairy queen had had no work other than walking behind the little queen day and night. So did me. Time flew fast now it is nearly sixteen years. 
Maleficent:     Ho! Three lunatics are playing again. Why don't we have a bit of fun; what do you think Raven?
(Raven shrugs his shoulders; Maleficent snaps her fingers)(Jovial music)
Fairy 1:           (jumps up and stamps her feet) Hey! Why did you pinch me on my back?
Fairy 2:           (looks puzzled) Are you insane? Why should I pinch your ....anything?
Fairy 1:           (emphasizes) On... my back!
Fairy 2:           whatever it is. (Maleficent snaps again)(fairy who was arranging cards hops throwing cards into the sky)
Fairy 3:           Ouch! You tread my leg!
Fairy 2:           What me? (Maleficent Snaps again) Ouch! Why did you hit me on my back? (Pushes fairy1; she falls down)
(All three start quarreling while Maleficent smiles; suddenly stops)
Maleficent:     Raven, do you see there, the little beast is coming. Let's take cover. (turn away)
(Enter Aurora from the back of the stage. She is holding a bunch of flowers. She comes to stage screaming happily)
Aurora:            I saw her! Guardian mothers I think I saw her! (Fairies stop fighting and stare at her mouth wide open)
Fairies:            Saw, Who? (others repeat "Yes, who?")
Aurora:            (like singing) My fairy mother, (puts flowers into a vase) I sense her even now. I know she is looking at me. I know she looks after me like you do.  (comes to middle) Can you remember? Once I was about to fall down from a cliff and... And can you remember a wild boar tried to attack me? (fairies nod in agreement)  Then it stopped and ran away; all these times she was right beside me; I knew it. I know she loves me. (she hugs herself - goes back of the stage and pretends removing her coat and combing)
Fairy 1:           Aurora, we have always told you; there is a wicked wizard out there. (others nod) Do not go out without our permission.
Fairy 2:           (fairies huddle and whisper together) Should we tell about the curse?
Fairy 3:           She will be sixteen next week. We should be patient.
Fairy 1:           That must be Maleficent. I think she is out there. (she looks around) I don't know I feel like that. 
Aurora:            (tip toes to fairies) What are you whispering? Are you planning a surprise for me?
Fairy 2:           Indeed we do, now go and have your supper.
Aurora:            Ok, Ok. ta.. ra.. ra.( walks off to the left- fairies go after her)
(Maleficent comes out of the cover- both walk to the middle)
Maleficent:     Raven did you hear what she said? The beast says that I'm her fairy mother; she must have hit her head on somewhere. (Raven smiles) What? Why are you laughing like that? 
Raven:             I think you are a better mother than those lunatics. All these years you protected her better than any mother.
(Aurora enters the stage and sees them and come running) Fairy mother, is that you?
Maleficent:     (walk to the right and turn back) I'm not what you think.
Aurora:            I know you. I always see you in my dreams. When I am in sleep; I can smell your breath. I know this is you.
Maleficent:     If you see me, you will be afraid.
Aurora:            (playfully) No, I'm not.
Maleficent:     No, you will be.
Aurora:            No, I'm pretty sure. (step forward)
Maleficent:     Ok, (comes out) here I am, Are you not really afraid?
Aurora:            (looks at her for sometime)No, You seem to be so kind and benevolent. 
Maleficent:     What? (Raven smiles) Raven, I don't think you want to be a crow again.
Aurora:            Oh! is this handsome boy Raven?
Raven:             Yes, I am. (Shows courtesy Aurora accepts it)
Aurora:            (points forward) Fairy mother, what lies beyond that wall of thorn?
Maleficent:     It is my kingdom.
Aurora:            I always wonder what lies there. 
Maleficent:     Do you want to see?
Aurora:            (exited) Will you really take me. (jumps up) Oh! Thank you, thank you dear fairy mother. I would rather die. (comes closer and grabs her hand)
Maleficent:     (slowly pushes it down) Ok, don't jump so much. You may fall down.
Raven:             (shows her path) after you lady.
(Scene changes)
(Aurora runs childishly about. She climbs upon the objects and explores happily. Maleficent start singing)
Maleficent:     I don't know what to say... you are not what I thought (aside) I feel guilty of me sometimes.
Aurora:            What'd you thought of me... tell me my dear mother (Maleficent gasps "mother!")
Maleficent:     What does the wind, what do the birds tell you?
Aurora:            they say, that I'm a cloud and I'm a bird (comes and grabs her) and I'm a part of you... dear mother and this world.
Maleficent:     Oh! What have I done to you! (cries) You should go back. Now! Raven escort her.
(Raven escorts her and turns. Fairies prepares Aurora to go to the castle)

Raven:             Now she is sixteen years of age. She has to go to the castle. I'm afraid something has changed my fairy queen. She must be worrying about what she had done. (Sounds of thunder enter Maleficent and sits in a mood of despair. On the right of the stage walks Aurora in sleep. Threatening music increases) Destiny is about to unveil. She is going to touch the needle of her fate. Nothing in the world can change it. (Aurora pretends to touch something and falls down. Maleficent gets up and start sobbing) The curse is sealed. This cannot be undone... ah! The true kiss of love.
(Enters King Edwar, queen and Guards from the left)
Queen: Oh! my lord, All those wretched sixteen years, sixteen years... I have been waiting for my dear child.. all for this? Is this what you have promised me? (faints; fairies hold her and take her off the stage)
King Edward: So, you have won! Maleficent! I have done the mistake of sparing you once. This time, that would not happen. Guards Lets go. We have a hunting to do! (Enters fairies) Fairies! Look after her.
Fairy1:            All our hard work paid nothing.
Fairy 2:           I could eat that horrid Maleficent.
Fairy 3:           What should we do? Ah! The true love kiss. That might work.
Fairy 1:           How can we do that?
Fairy 2:           can you remember, once the prince of Shire passes through. He promised to come back for Aurora.
Fairy 1:           Yes, we should find him.
Fairy 3:           How dare you to come back! (All look at the right of the stage. Enters Maleficent with Raven)
(Fairies try to attack her. Maleficent lazily waves them off)
Maleficent:     I'm sorry my dear beastess for what I have done. Revenge! it never healed me. It added salt to my wound. Now, (sobs) I lost you. I knew that there is nothing in this world like true love kiss.
(She gets up) I claim; this curse should be broken. I will take back my curse!
Raven:             It will remain till the end of the world my dear queen. It won't work!
Maleficent:     Oh! What have I done? I'm sorry for million times. I know I cannot heal you but I will be beside you till my heart beats its pulses. I will protect you forever my dear daughter. (Kisses on her for head) I will not leave you.
Aurora:           I will not leave you too my dear fairy mother!
Raven:             True love kiss! That is it.
Maleficent:     I'm sorry my dear Daughter for what I have done to you, I cursed you.
Aurora:            No, mother you saved me.
Fairies:            Yes, indeed.
Maleficent:     Now, she is saved. What should we do Raven? We should go back to our wood.
Aurora:           If you think you can leave me behind. You are dreaming.
Maleficent:     Aurora! My daughter.
Aurora:            My fairy mother! (They hug each other)


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