Grim Memory of a War-torn Nation in the Speech by Kumar Sangakkara at Colin Cowdrey Lecture.

Kumar Sangakkara is a remarkable legend in the field of cricket in Sri Lanka. He was able to deliver a speech in front of an elite panel of audience in remembrance of anther legend Colin Cowdrey. Here he made a moving speech on his cricketing career and his country, Sri Lanka which was highly admired by the audience. He related his first hand experience on violence created by terrorist in Lahore 2009 during the two test series held in Lahore and Karachchi that reminiscent of the grim memory of terrorism prevailed in Sri Lanka for three decades.

Kumar Sangakkara in his speech draws parallels between the lives of people in the common community living in cities like Colombo and the vulnerable lives of people live in war-torn areas. He admits that he has hardly had any experience with regard to terrorism or war. Until the sudden assault faced by unknown gang of terrorists, he had experienced no terror related to war and terrorism. Until then he could empathize about the lives in war torn areas. However the attack eye opens all of them creating a real awe and respect of the people who live in war affected areas. His description visualize that the people in such area have lives of uncertainty avoiding bullets and shells plunged upon them.

Sangakkara's vivid explanation dramatizes the real experience they had creating a cinematic effect. He raises the issue that how much dear and valuable the life is to anyone. By utilizing the momentary experience, he projects the real picture of suffering of the people lived a precarious life knowing their lives are not certain. One can imagine that the cricketers had such a tragic moment and think of the people in war torn areas who had been facing a series of tragedies for more than thirty years.

The comments made on the helplessness of ordinary people before a terrorists' attack on war fare is hinted in the speech made by him. Though the bus is under severe attack by terrorists injuring the cricketers inside, they cannot do anything but lying down in the isle on the top of each other. Bus stands still symbolizing the paralyzed state of ordinary citizen in the middle of warfare. One can imagine how the people in a war zone wait helplessly to accept the oncoming death without any motion. This gloomy snap of reality brings out in the speech made by Kumar Sangakkara at Colin Cowdrey Speech.

During a war, the valuable human lives are sacrificed. It is hard to value the worth of a human life; however during a war or terrorist activity, the value of a human life becomes null. The soldier at the checkpoint claims that he is ready to die as it is his job but says losing a legend like Sangakkara would have been a great loss for the country. This reminds the sacrificing of soldiers in order to keep the country safe.

The extract of 'Lahore Attack' from the full speech creates a disturbed scene of a post terrorist attack reminding the world the grim reality faced by Sri Lankan over thirty years losing millions of valuable human lives for nothing. It is also an eye opener to everyone of the faceless nature of terrorism, which destroys valuable humans to the world.

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